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Welcome to Mrs. Harlan's Reading Intervention Webpage
Our focus this year will be learning and developing our skills are critical thinker, readers, writers, speakers and listeners through filling the learning gaps of comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonics. 
What is RTI, Reading Intervention?

The RTI, Reading Intervention is a differentiated learning class for 6th, 7th & 8th grade students who need the benefit of additional reading instruction through the RTI2 program. The goal of our class is to provide students with the necessary tools and skills to increase their reading proficiency. Working in small and whole groups, Reading Lab students are able to receive general instruction as well as specialized instruction tailored specifically to their individual needs. The Reading Lab promotes an innovative teaching environment utilizing technology and non-traditional instructional techniques. The class offers a safe instructional atmosphere where students can address their individual difficulties with reading while attaining strategies designed to meet those difficulties head on.

RTI(response to intervention)

(A youtube video explaining the tiers )

RTI for parents in Tennessee

Click Here for More Information on the RTI2 Program

The Goal, you may ask?

The goal of Reading Intervention class is to become a skillful, active, passionate and fluent reader. Regardless of your current reading level, you can and WILL long as you put forth 100% effort. The skills you learn in Reading class will help you succeed in your other classes at LMS!

What is it going to be like?

The top priority is decoding words, fluency, and vocabulary. We will read nonfiction, fiction, short stories, poetry and drama. Using these texts, we will read like detectives: figuring out the meaning of challenging words, making inferences, draw understnading frmo the text. You will reflect and write about what you read, forming individual opinions, supporting your ideas with evidence and persuading others. You will also expand your vocabulary, learning 100+ words by the end of the year.