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Welcome, Scientists!

Welcome!          **SCROLL down for TEAMS instructional Videos and Important Posts***

Check your grades regularly (at least once a week) through Skyward using your assigned username and password. To get assistance with your Skyward username and password, please call the LaVergne Middle front Office at (615) 904-3877

Use Clever to access assignments in TEAMS.  Click on your Science Class icon, then Teams under the "Resources" Section

You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.  You can also access TEAMS through this account.

Click Here for Meeting Times and Office Hours Schedule

Science TEAMS MEETING call schedule: Monday & Thursday                                                                    Block 1:  8:45        Block 2: 10:20       Block 4: 1:35         

Join your Science meetings through your TEAMS account. Recordings of the meetings will be located in the posts on your TEAMS account.                                       

Office Hours: Thursday, 12:40 - 1:10      **Due to limited office time, parents please feel free to email throughout the week.  I will return a response within 48 hours.

Attendance:  All Distance Learning Students are expected to log in on the school website each day by 8:15 AM.  (School website---Student Tab---Attendance for Distance Learning---Select appropriate grade and Academy --- select your homeroom teacher (period 0) ---- Complete the attendance form.)

Accessing TEAMS and TEAMS Meetings
Finding and Turning In Assignments in TEAMS


Science Districtwide Benchmark

Dates: Monday, 10/9 OR Tuesday, 10/10
  1. This is a DISTRICT ASSIGNED assessment over the Science Standards covered this year.
  2. It is 35 Questions 
  3. Please use the Google Chrome browser.
  4. Login to Clever and click Mastery Connect 
  5. Find the test on your student dashboard and click START ASSESSMENT (the test is called "Gr 6 Sci Bench 1")
  6. If you receive Read Aloud Accommodations, you will see the text to speech player on your page. You can move around the page using the four arrows, play to hear the text read aloud, pause or stop the audio.
  7. Select your answer by clicking on the bubble under each question.
  8. When you have answered all the questions select the Finish button.
  9. Complete this assessment without the use of any supporting materials
  10. Read all questions carefully and choose the best answer for each
  11. Be sure to complete each question fully - some have multiple parts.
  12. Your assessment must be completed on the day you are assigned to be in science class.  If you are unsure what day you would be assigned, refer to your schedule, comparing it to the schedule posted on the LMS webpage.
CLICK HERE for Video Directions on how to access your Benchmark Assessment

Fix for Issues With TEAMS on School Computers

DISTANCE LEARNERS: If TEAMS isn't working for you, your computer needs an update so restart your computer.

If that does not work, try the following:
>Click Start (Windows icon (4 squares) in lower left corner)
> Click user account icon (student's initials or a silhouette of man in the circle)
> Choose "Change Account Settings"
> On the left click "Access work or school"
> Click "Connected to Rutherford County Schools’ Azure AD"
> Click "Info"
> Scroll down and choose Sync
> Stay on the page and make sure it successfully syncs.
> Restart computer and log in

If this does not work the device needs to be returned and swapped out for another.