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November 30, 2020


Today is Distant Learning Day! All distance learners will need to take the EasyCBM reading assessment by the end of the school day. Instructions, which are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic, are located on the menu to the left.


All students – traditional and distance learners – will attend TEAMS meetings with their teachers this morning.  Please plan to attend so you can ask questions and hear information about the remaining weeks of the quarter.


8:30- All Math Teachers go live for 25 minutes

9:00- All ELA Teachers go live for 25 minutes

9:30- All Science Teachers go live for 25 minutes

10:00- All Social Studies Teachers go live for 25 minutes

10:30- All Electives go live for 25 minutes

10:30- All Interventionist and SpEd go live for 25 minutes


November 21, 2020


Attention Distance Learners: It is time to take the EasyCBM reading assessment on Monday, November 30. It is extremely important that you take the screener on this day so we can assess your reading skills. The EasyCBM will be available on Distant Learning Day, Monday, November 30.


Please view the instructions to the left, which are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.



November 7, 2020


TEAMS Technical Issues -- If you are having difficulty accessing TEAMS, please try the following:


Your computer needs an update so restart your computer.
If that does not work, try the following:

>Click Start (Windows icon (4 squares) in lower left corner)
> Click user account icon (student's initials or a silhouette of man in the circle)
> Choose "Change Account Settings"
> On the left click "Access work or school"
> Click "Connected to Rutherford County Schools’ Azure AD"
> Click "Info"
> Scroll down and choose Sync
> Stay on the page and make sure it successfully syncs.
> Restart computer and log in


If this does not work the device needs to be returned and swapped for another.



October 12, 2020


Welcome Back 6th Graders! 


 First, I would like to say welcome back and applaud everyone for making it through the first 9 weeks of school!


In case you are not aware, there will be a change in the way you will access assignments and conference calls. Starting today, all assignments and web calls will take place in the TEAMS app which I have added to your apps in Clever. We will no longer use Kiddom nor ZOOM. Please see video below to learn how to access TEAMS.


You will now access your lesson plans, assignments, and live conference calls all in one place. We will continue to use Amplify for our content and Skyward to see your grades. You can also continue to communicate with me through email and now TEAMS.


Tomorrow, October 13, I will host a web call for each class as follows:

Block 1- 9:00 am

Block 2-9:10 am

Block 4-9:20 am.


This call will answer any questions that you may have about how to access TEAMS. During our call, I will help you navigate through TEAMS and answer any questions that you may have about accessing and turning in assignments. Please see the video posted below to help with locating TEAMS.


HOMEROOM Distance Learners – continue to log in your attendance each morning between 8:00-8:15 A.M. Find the form under the Student tab above, then scroll to 'Attendance for Distance Learners' and fill out the form.


Office Hours: Thursdays 12:40-1:00


Are you having technology issues? Help is located on our Distance Learning Support Page.   


ZOOM Live Stream Days: Tuesdays and Fridays 

Block 1 @ 8:40-9:25

Block 2 @ 10:20-11:00

Block 4 @ 1:30-2:15


My Email:

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns!


Please read important information about logging into Amplify located on the menu to the left.  The letter is also translated into Spanish and Arabic.


Distance Learning Updates


The LaVergne Middle leadership will have informational videos for distance learners posted on the school site this Friday 8/14  for our Distance Learners.
If you need your Skyward or Computer Log in, contact the guidance counselor for your grade-

6th  Brayan Bunyi @
7th  Nancy Dziduch @
8th  Shaneka Taylor @
If you can't get into Clever first check that your CLEVER LOG IN is correct after clicking "Log in with Active Directory"
CLEVER LOG IN: and password
Please email if that still doesn't not work.  Please be very specific on the error your computer screen displays.

Please email if you have any other technical issue. Please be very specific on the error your computer screen displays.

All Students 6-12 are required to REGISTER for Self-Service Password Reset at this location

 They must complete this registration and will continue to be prompted until registration is complete. Please do not skip this step.

When new and previous students log into anything affiliated with their school computer login, they will be forced to register for Self Service Password Reset. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD. It simply is a way to register for if/when a student does forget their school password, they can reset it on their own

CLICK HERE to view the county help page

Resource Videos for Distance Learning

Hello Distance Learning Students!
Please see the attached videos that our administration and staff at LaVergne Middle School have for all of you to view.  This will help you to navigate through the different platforms that we will be using this year.