Starting August 24, 2020, all lessons/assignments will be placed in KIDDOM."
Classes will be lived streamed on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Please login in a few minutes early. 
My 2nd Block class for 7th grade will start at 10:15
My 3rd Block class for 6th grade will be at 12:45
My 4th Block class for 8th grade will be at 1:35
My Office Hours:
Wednesdays from 2:15-2:45  
Please, email me to schedule a time.
Due to limited office time, parents please feel free to email throughout the week.  I will return a response within 48 hours.
 All students are expected to log in on the school website each day by 8:15 AM.  (School website---Student Tab---Attendance for Distance Learning---Select appropriate grade and homeroom teacher---- Complete the attendance form.)
Grades will be taken weekly.  Student must have assignment submitted the day of to be counted present for the teacher's class.