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Sandra Wiggins » Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Hello Students!


This week of school we will continue distance learning. There are activities for you to complete each day beginning tomorrow (Jan.6th) and can be completed on your own time this week. However, I will be available for questions posted via email ( 


The following activities are posted in TEAMS:

* Procedures & Expectations (homework & recovery policy, how to turn in

  assignments, where to find materials, etc.)


*  The Resilient Academy teachers will host a combined "Live Session" on Tuesday, Jan. 5, from 8:45-9:30 A.M. We will go over expectations for the 3rd nine weeks of school; review how to access TEAMS; how to submit assignments; and parent/teacher communication.


*  All Resilient Academy elective, intervention, ESL will have a combined "Live Session" on Tuesday, Jan.5, from 10:00-10:30. 


*  The Resilient Academy will host a combined "Live Session" on Friday, Jan. 8, from 9:15-10:00 to answer questions from parents and students.


I hope you all had a wonderful break and look forward to seeing you soon whether in-person or online! 


NOTES: Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. To get assistance with your Skyward username and password, please call the LaVergne Middle front Office at (615) 904-3877


iReady learning path lessons are in green and can be accessed through Clever.  Any grade level lesson I assign you will be in the blue window.


You can access your Office 365 account by clicking here, the username and password are the same as your computer login at school.


Teams live stream schedule: Monday through Friday

Block I       8:45am

Block II    10:30am

Block IV    1:45pm


Office Hours: Wednesdays @ 12:40p - 1:00p.


(Due to limited office time, parents please feel free to email throughout the week.  I will return a response within 48 hours.)
Attendance----- All students are expected to log in on the school website each day by 8:15 AM.  (School website---Student Tab---Attendance for Distance Learning---Select appropriate grade and homeroom teacher---- Complete the attendance form.)
Grades--- Grades will be taken weekly.  
Click Links for the Following Items
6th Grade Block Schedule
Homeroom - 8:00 - 8:34
Block I Class - 8:37 - 10:10
Block II Class - 10:13 - 11:48
Block III Lunch/Electives - 11:51 - 1:24
Block IV Class - 1:27 - 3:00

LaVergne Middle School

“Recovery Policy”

Ultimate Goal:

To see students perform best on their first attempt on any assignment, projects, or assessments, given appropriate study techniques, practices, and efforts have been best utilized.


Not all students will master the standards/skills the first time around.  As a result, students must take ownership of their actions to reflect on practices and seek to complete review exercises before a second attempt is granted.  This policy provides for additional time and support, parental involvement and student accountability.

Procedure: Assessment Recovery for CPA’s ONLY (student must see actual graded assessment)

  1.       Students must request permission, complete two prescriptive technology assignments (assigned by the teacher) within two days of the issued and graded assessment. The two prescriptive technology lessons must be completed by the end of the second allotted two-day period of the class in question, scoring 85> on both prescriptive assignments. (the two prescriptive assignment scores and the original assessment score will be averaged and new score will be recorded in gradebook.
  2.       CFA’s and Quizzes will not be given as an option to recover.

Procedure: Assignment Recovery- (student must see actual graded assessment)

  1.       Students must request permission to Redo an Assignment. Student must complete and submit missing assignment (as indicated by the teacher) within two days of the returned graded assignment. The deadline ends on the last day of that class on the second day.
  2.       Never Attempts to turn in or redo assignment, the assignment is recorded as a 0 in the teacher gradebook.


Criteria: (One Attempt Chance)

  1.       Any student may embrace the opportunity to improve any assessment grade.
  2.       Any student can recover an Assignment if grade is lower than a 70. Higher possible Redo grade will be recorded. If student did not turn in the assignment on the first original attempt, highest possible grade recorded will be an 80.


Students with an IEP and direct ESL services will be given two recovery attempts on work initially turned in with failing grade.  Criteria and Procedures remains the same. 



             ****If a pattern of failure is recognized, a parent conference must be set up by the teacher.



****Teacher will post original grade within 48 hours of submission.


Revised 9/23/20