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Distance Learning Support » Troubleshooting/Tech Support

Troubleshooting/Tech Support

See below for additional Rutherford County Tech Support.
1. Clever Issues
If your child can't access Clever or play videos, click here to learn how to clear the cache inside of Google Chrome.  If that does not work, please email
2. Teams Issues (1) (also see number 5 for more Teams troubleshooting tips)

If you cannot access Teams, please start by checking your internet browser.  If Google Chrome is not working properly try Microsoft Edge or download the Teams app.  If you are having trouble accessing a certain Teachers class in Teams or trouble submitting an assignment, please reach out to your child's teacher via email or grade-level counselor for more assistance.  

6th Grade- Brayan Bunyi-

7th Grade- Nancy Dziduch-

8th Grade- Shaneka Taylor-


3. Computer Log-in Issues

If you are having trouble logging into your computer, first double-check to make sure you are using the correct log-in information.  If the issue continues, please email


4. Skyward Log-in Issues

If you do not have your Skyward log-in username and password (parents and students), please contact the school counselor for your grade.

6th Grade- Brayan Bunyi-

7th Grade- Nancy Dziduch-

8th Grade- Shaneka Taylor-


5. Amplify Looping Issues

If you are experiencing looping issues when trying to access a lesson in Amplify, start with trying to clear your computer's cache.  After, restart your computer then log back into Amplify through Clever.  For tips on how to clear your computer's cache, please see click here.


5. Teams Issues (2) try these steps
Your computer needs an update so restart your computer.

 If that does not work, try the following:

 >Click Start (Windows icon (4 squares) in the lower-left corner)

> Click user account icon (student's initials or a silhouette of a man in the circle)

> Choose "Change Account Settings"

> On the left click "Access work or school"

> Click "Connected to Rutherford County Schools’ Azure AD"

> Click "Info"

> Scroll down and choose Sync

> Stay on the page and make sure it successfully syncs. 

> Restart the computer and log in


If this does not work the device needs to be returned and swapped out for another.


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